About Calum Grant

Hi I’m Calum Grant and my passion is Sound Design….And playing lots of video games.

 My Career in the Industry has only just taken flight and I’m working with a drive to create something unique and memorable for the listener, to enhance their gaming experience and immersion. 

My passion is the Sound Design for video games mainly, as this is the work I find the most enjoyable and rewarding due to my love of the medium itself.

I have previously worked on 2 video games that have completed development. The first was an Indie Horror title for the PC/Mac/Linux titled VANISH created by a small team of three named 3 Drunk Men. I had great fun on this first project of mine, which determined the route of my career from then on.  I got the chance to talk a lot and work with the team, and had been involved with other areas of the creative process, including implementation of sounds, general game design and testing.Which was great for learning design philosophies for other areas that i might not quite understand testscreen01

Not to understate my love for music, I have worked with other teams creating music for a few games that never saw the light of day. As is the nature of so many games with no development budget. but at least those tracks helped me learn how to get good feedback on that sort of thing, I can use them for whatever in the future.

I guise the aim of this blog for me is to share some insight, express some opinions on the Game Audio industry and in my next post highlight some of my gaming gems for others to enjoy and learn from others great work.

Enjoy my free wisdom right here at Awesome Game Audio